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Landlord Review

Portfolio Landlord with multiple properties

14 Nov 2018

As a professional landlord it is important that my properties are advertised correctly at a competitive cost using the major web portals and to minimise my void periods. I was introduced to Prosico 3 years ago and since then I have built up a very good business relationship with Shah, who ensures that my properties are either featured on Rightmove or priced correctly. Since using Prosico I have found them to be very helpful and nothing is too much trouble, using their services has helped me to let my properties on a National scale. I would recommend them to anyone who is considering using an online agent. Thanks guys!  



Landlord Review

Landlord with a property in Sheffield

09 Nov 2018

I have been very pleased with the regular flow of enquiries.  I have had 7 email to which I have responded immediately each time with an invitation to make a viewing appointment.  


Viewings booked for today and Saturday respectively.


I am optimistic despite it being a less-than-ideal time of year to find new tenants.


Thank you for an excellent service.



Landlord Review

Landlord with a small portfolio

11 Oct 2018

I am a small landlord and was looking for an intermediary to help me advertise on the main portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. I investigated several intermediaries but decided on using Prosico because they seemed to offer exactly what I wanted plus they offer full referencing capabilities which is obviously very important. In addition, they were very price competitive which is also important given the current financial squeeze on landlords.


Once I started to use Prosico I realised I had made a good decision as, not only were they very efficient - my property was advertised on the main portals within 12 hours, and I had several leads within 48 hours, but the follow up to complete the referencing process was done quickly with no problems. I had a few questions about the processes (as anyone would when using a new service) and the response was quick and very helpful.

I intend to use them again and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other landlords.



Landlord Review

Landlord with a property in Bath

02 Apr 2018

I was extremely pleased with all services especially Alistair who seemed to look after me.


There were lots of prospective tenants.


All my emails were answered immediately.


I would recommend Prosico.



Landlord Review

Portfolio Landlord with multiple properties

02 Jan 2018

I am a landlord with several properties and have always used an agent taking commission. I wanted to cut costs so decided to trial Prosico.


This is, and I mean it, exactly what I had in mind for service. I do it all myself, contact you guys if I need anything. Perfect service, online platform, communication, ease of editing my ad, ease of getting in touch with prospective tenants. Literally perfect and I am highly critical! And I just wanted to reach out and praise your efforts.


Every property that comes up will be advertised this way from now on. Great job, glad I found you guys!


Landlord Review

Portfolio Landlord with multiple properties in the North East.

30 Nov 2017

Although you are online, you still provide excellent personal service and have helped us with marketing on our web adverts. Very good value for money!

You make the process easy by providing online forms and the new Dashboard, plus vetting people before the viewings were arranged: very few no shows.

Charles Dixon

Cyberoak Property Solutions
Sunderland Accredited Landlords

Landlord Review

Portfolio Landlady with multiple properties in Reading.

15 Nov 2017

I am very happy with the tenants leads that you send over. Your website is easy to use and the whole process of listing the property, going live and the enquiries summary etc. is very straightforward.


Landlord Review

Tenants found for property in Plymouth

19 Sep 2017

Prosico gave me Rightmove and Zoopla access whilst allowing me 100% control of my input.


I, and most of my tenants, do not want to bring onboard a traditional estate agency into the process.


I recommend Prosico, and will continue to use them, if they don't change too much!





Landlord Review

Tenants found for property in Yorkshire.

06 Jul 2017

Prosico secured new tenants for me swiftly and easily. Matching tenants to landlords is a unique and thoughtful way of doing business. They are easy to contact and to speak to. 


I will definitely use Prosico again and would recommend their services.


Landlord Review

Portfolio Landlord with multiple properties in the East Midlands.

28 Jun 2017

We have done some great work renting three apartments there over the past few weeks, you guys seem to be doing a lot more positive things compared to ********.


Landlord Review

Portfolio Landlord, Regular User.

17 May 2017

My experience with Prosico has been exceptionally good.  The Prosico customer support have been good to work with and the company has a user friendly website which is easy to navigate. Prosico have a simple pricing structure for landlords to advertise their properties and get the marketing up and running swiftly on the main portals which is just what is needed!

I would have no hesitation in encouraging other landlords out there to give Prosico a go.


Landlord Review

Portfolio landlord, used Prosico multiple times.

24 Mar 2017

I have had a working relationship with Alastair at Prosico for some 5 months now. Their work ethic is very different to that experienced previously with other companies, firstly they know you as a person, secondly they are always on hand to speak to an actual person whether it be via live chat or by phone but someone is always on hand to liaise with you.


Everyone is very busy these days juggling work, homelife and other duties so Prosico have designed their property loading page so easy to use it simply takes minutes. If you ever need changes or pictures altering they are always on hand and any changes are always made with immediate effect its brilliant.

I would not hesitate to recommendProsico to others and I would definitely use Prosico going forwards as and when the needs arise.



Landlord Review

Portfolio landlord, used Prosico multiple times.

08 Feb 2017

My views and opinions of the service you offer as follows, and in no particular order:


You have the time to speak with landlords and take a genuine interest in their properties and the marketing of them.


You appear to have a great deal of knowledge of the business and are yourselves landlords, which brings a much needed level of empathy to the table.


You are very prompt at dealing with all manner of enquiries and alterations to property listings.



You pricing and terms strategy is very favourable and you resist the ‘greedy’ approach of many other companies in your sector.


Overall, it’s nice to be able to pick up the phone and speak with someone who has more than just 2 minutes to resolve my issue and is not just keen to end the call. The level of service I’ve received from Prosico is of the highest standard, with great attention to detail and an a clear and in-depth knowledge of the business. That aside, they seem to be a great bunch of people who work as a team.




Landlord Review

Tenants found for flat in London E3.

29 Jan 2016

What is unique about Prosico? Two things: the personal touch is excellent, and they are very friendly. Prosico makes it easy for me to advertise by providing a single page with all the details to fill in - all without having to login in. Fantastic. Then the advert goes live on sites like Rightmove very quickly. I also like it that if you phone them they actually listen to you and help you get things done, which makes you feel you are valued. My experience with Prosico has been great and I now don't use anyone else to find tenants. I would definitely say give them a try.

Landlord Review

Tenants found for Property in Southborne.

17 Nov 2016

Hi Alistair

Just back from ski hols and have found this. I was very impressed with Prosico – you offer a great service to busy landlords who wish to manage the lettings process themselves but need the added support of online advertising through the major sites such as Rightmove. Your tenant enquiry screening was good, and communication of suitable tenant details to me was swift enabling me to progress viewings etc. I’m in the process of setting up the tenancy for ***** and her boyfriend so many thanks again for your assistance in helping me find new tenants! I will definitely use your service again.

Kind regards


Landlord Review

Tenants found for property in Dorset.

02 Nov 2016

Thanks. Tenancy terms are all agreed now and new tenants moving in on the 4th.
I would like to compliment you on the service you have provided. Very professional. From the start and you kept me well informed at all times. Will use again.
just one suggestion to improve what you offer - you could provide a "TO LET " sign with your name and telephone number an additional cost which vendors could put up.


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