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Tenant Enquiry Screening

At Prosico we don’t just find you tenants, we find you the best match for your property.

Every tenant enquiry you receive through Prosico is a detailed profile of your prospective tenant(s), not just a name and a contact number. Here’s what happens when tenants enquire about your property:


Online Enquiries

All enquiries received via email or through online portals get an instant response via SMS and email (24/7) directing them to our dedicated web-page for arranging viewings where tenants are asked 11 Critical Questions to determine suitability. All the information collected is sent to you via email (instantly in most cases or within 1 working day if further review is required). If tenants are unable to fill the form, a Prosico representative follows up within 1 working day to get the required information over the phone.


Phone Enquiries

For all phone enquiries a Prosico representative will ask the 11 critical questions over the phone and pass the information to you instantly.


The 11 Critical Questions:

Every tenant is asked the following questions:


  1. Number of Adults (over 18) who will be living at the property.

  2. Number of Children (under 18) who will be living at the property.

  3. When are you looking to move?

  4. What is your employment status?

  5. If you are working, type of employment are you in?

  6. Additional information about your employment or other applicants' employment?

  7. Do you smoke?

  8. Do you have pets? And if so, please provide details?

  9. Do you have a Guarantor?

  10. Your UK Residence/Visa Status (guidance for a right to rent check)

  11. Any additional information and availability for viewings etc.


All information collected above is then matched (automatically and instantly in most cases) to the criteria you have set for your property and passed on to you accordingly.

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